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And now for something completely different!

Together with Leanne Hardinge, I’ve co-authored and published an exciting new business book aimed at helping those struggling with problems at work.

The Fear Free Workplace is a collaboration we hope will extend the incredible work Leanne’s doing at her Passions-n-Profits consultancy to improve the working lives of many more people. Check out our promo here. https://youtu.be/EpM1SX3BPUo

Professional writer

I have extensive experience in most forms of professional writing and am available to undertake freelance or contract work.



The Fear Free Workplace

Using the Frilled-neck Lizard as an analogy helps reduce dinosaur-sized problems to the dimensions of a rather cute little lizard with a whole heap of attitude.

Packed with case studies and sound advice to overcome “Frilly Behaviour” in yourself and others, this is a book you’ll find yourself using time and again.


The abduction of his daughter by the special Branch’s most wanted terrorist sends Paul Van Niekerk into a spiral of disintegration until a chance meeting gives him hope. His relentless quest to find out what happened to his daughter drags Paul through the corrupt underbelly of South Africa’s political and military organisations at the height of the Apartheid era, and on to the black heart of Soweto and the rugged, murderous mountains of Lesotho. In his hunt for the truth, Paul becomes the hunted. But Why and by whom?

Shadow By My Side


Hint: This book may not be visible on Smashwords unless you turn off the adult filter when you reach the Smashwords website.

Faith Trelawney is the glossy image of a successful young graphic designer. She has her own company, a live-in boyfriend and her life is under control – until she is asked to remember her past.

That’s when Faith’s carefully-created world disintegrates; when images from her childhood in the swamps of a fishing village called Donnybrook threaten to destroy all she has achieved.

        Faith’s is a journey of self-discovery in which there is only one constant – the love of Shadow, her wolf and protector

The Pawn


Wildlife photographer Andrew Pringle stumbles into a world of corruption and violence as he tries to make sense of his brother's murder.

As they search for the cause of his brother’s death, Andrew and his newfound girlfriend become targets of an organisation so powerful that it can kill and torture at will.

Gavel is a story about forbidden passions, entrapment and a lust for power at the highest levels of Australian society.

The Seventh Vial

A bird flu outbreak on Australia’s remote Palm Island finds journalist Ryan Helzinger in the right place at the right time – and presents him with a chance to break the biggest story of his career. But the headlines are scarcely dry on the page before there’s a target on Ryan’s back as hard-line extremists and an international hit-man seek to stop him finding out the real reason why twelve people had to die in agony.


A chance meeting in a Lightning Ridge pub and Harris is drawn from the security of his opal mine into the turmoil of Elaine Flannagan’s life. Her ex-husband thinks she knows too much about his criminal activities and wants her dead – and with his powerful allies it should be easily achieved. But they hadn’t reckoned on Harris and his mate Truck, veterans of the conflict in Afghanistan.