Imagine a world where you’re never wrong and you never make a mistake. Not Ever!

You’re skilled, clever and cunning, you have the ear of those in power and you wield power over lesser beings whose careers and wellbeing lie in your hands.

You’re strategic, you form alliances, influence recruitment, have the ear of management, boards and powerbrokers. You’ve networked the hell out of them and manipulated them to the point where you can influence them or get them to exert influence on your behalf.

You’ve befriended your colleagues and gained their trust – so much so that they owe you favours and have confided information that allows you to manipulate others; to drag down those above you.

In your Utopia you have it all under control, you’ve eliminated the threats and dangers and if something does go wrong, heaven forbid, it’s clearly the fault of others. And you know stuff that lets you throw them under the bus if needs be.

Perhaps you’re at the top already and have others to give out warnings or sack staff – and everyone likes you because you’re not the Bad Guy!

Guess what? You are the Bad Guy. You’re a Toxic Frilly!


Part 1. Dinosaur Behaviour in the Workplace deals with relatively harmless "Frilly Behaviour", explaining how our Lizard Brain works – using memories of bad things that have happened in the past to incorrectly connect the dots and create perceived dangers that dictate outrageous workplace behaviours.

Part 2. When Frillies Turn  Toxic at Work tackles the far more dangerous issue of Toxic Frillies who exhibit narcissistic behaviour in an effort to prove their self-worth.

In both parts we provide case studies, solutions and links to other sources of help.