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Harris carries scars from his service in Afghanistan but has his PTSD and anger management under control – most of the time.

Like many solo miners in Lightning Ridge, he uses just one name and it isn't the one he was born with.

When a couple of bikers turn up to deliver a beating to Elaine Flannagan, a woman he's just met, Harris intervenes – and finds himself pitted against her ex-husband, corrupt police and the Warlocks motorcycle gang. While he and his mate Truck try to keep Elaine alive they have to figure out how the mine she inherited from her father is linked to the threat to her life.

The Seventh Vial

Welcome to the world of genetic terrorism – a place where evil knows no boundaries.

A bird flu outbreak on Australia’s remote Palm Island finds journalist Ryan Helzinger in the right place at the right time – and presents him with a chance to break the biggest story of his career.

But the headlines are scarcely dry on the page before there’s a target on Ryan’s back as hard-line extremists and an international hit-man seek to stop him finding out the real reason twelve people had to die in agony.

Shadow by my Side

A hard-edged, contemporary look at friendship, love and overcoming adversity.

Faith is successful, a high achiever with her own business – until memories of her childhood trapped in the fishing village of Donnybrook come back to haunt her.


Wildlife photographer Andrew Pringle stumbles into a world of corruption and violence as he tries to make sense of his twin brother's murder.

Gavel is a story about forbidden passions, entrapment and a lust for power at the highest levels of Australian society.

Wellness at Work

A workbook for those struggling in the workplace. Co-written with Leanne Hardinge.

Part 1. Dinosaur Behaviour in the Workplace deals with relatively harmless "Frilly Behaviour", explaining how our Lizard Brain works – using memories of bad things that have happened in the past to incorrectly connect the dots and create perceived dangers that dictate outrageous workplace behaviours.

Part 2. When Frillies Turn Toxic at Work tackles the far more dangerous issue of Toxic Frillies who exhibit narcissistic behaviour in an effort to prove their self-worth.

In both parts we provide case studies, solutions and links to other sources of help.
Search under my co-author Leanne Hardinge to find this on Amazon

The Pawn

An action adventure about the passions, fear, greed and ambition that drive men to unspeakable acts. The Pawn is also, equally, about the triumph of love and justice.
Set in South Africa during the years of Apartheid and oppression, the story follows Paul van Niekerk's fight against the corrupt power of the state to find out what happened to his daughter after she was taken by terrorists.

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