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Action-packed, fast moving thriller, with a plot that twists and turns and keeps the pace moving throughout. Convincingly set between Sydney and a very recognisable Lightning Ridge, the action takes place in an equally recognisable Australian context of bikie gangs, corrupt police, Afghanistan veterans, ordinary Aussies and others living at the edge.

A well written thriller, in touch with its times and its place settings. A fairly high level of violence - not recommended for the squeamish, but a good read if this is your genre. – AAW.

Great reading: Love it - great pace and characters. Harris is a fantastic character. This is an easy reading thriller that is well worth it. Highly recommend it.
– Michael - Amazon, Canada

A very good read: A well built story that keeps you reading and wondering what is going to happen next. I could not put it down.
– Stripes 3 - Amazon, Australia

A very good read: Well written, fast but consistent in pace and with strong characters and plot. The skillfully developed contrasting settings of the opal fields and Sydney-scape enrich the experience of what is a real page turner.
– Graeme - Amazon, Australia

High quality action: 5 star action and suspense of high quality.
– Happy Day - Amazon, Australia

The Seventh Vial


Review by: Michael E Rose, Author. ( review).

Terrific new thriller

As well as being a thriller writer, I am also a big reader of thrillers, not too surprisingly. I read a lot of thrillers, so I know what I like, and I think I can spot a good one. I’ve just finished Ian Wynne’s “The Seventh Vial” and I am very, very impressed.

Wynne has the kind of imagination that allows him to confidently devise a very wide and very convincing story arc that stretches from South Africa to an obscure island off Australia to CIA headquarters in the United States and all the way back again. It is one of those stories that I might spoil if I give too much away in a review, but I can say that the notion of a white supremacist group trying to devise a genetically-targeted virus captures the attention of an Australian journalist, sends alarm bells through Washington, and moves things along at a terrific pace.

Throughout, Wynne is in control of his material: nothing gets overdone, nothing gets too far-fetched or over-dramatized. He writes like the journalist he once was: deftly telling his story, folding in the facts as they come to light, generating interest and excitement as the book progresses. He is also one of those fortunate writers who has an extremely good ear for dialogue. People in Wynne's book speak like real people; real people with a lot at stake. And I very much like his ending. The penultimate chapter left me feeling that something was still not quite right. The twist in the final chapter makes it clear that something was indeed not right, something with truly global consequences.

Wynne and his work deserve to be more widely-known and appreciated.



Review by: playt on Jun. 21, 2011 at Smashwords:
"I met a woman on the plane."

With one simple sentence, Ian Wynne launches the reader on a top-speed ride through the highest levels of power with more twists, turns and nerve-pricking surprises than a World Rally Championship contender on the death roads of Bolivia.

Mr Wynne has taken the foundation of Australian democracy, the Westminster System, and given it a solid shake.

He has taken the three elements of democracy -- the politicians, the judiciary and the police -- and melded them into a maze of corruption, of lies and deceit, of power-broking, paedophilia, torture and murder at their foulest.

Then, in a master stroke, he brings in the fourth element, the only guardian any democracy has in ensuring the separation of powers and the true freedom of the people, the Fourth Estate, the media.

It is a fast-paced story that will hold the readers and keep them turning the pages when they should have turned the lights out hours earlier.

It will also have them rethinking political and corporate announcements of recent years, the ones that were strangely at odds with what would have seemed the logical decisions and outcomes at the time.

Because Mr Wynne's tale is all the more frightening for its plausibility. It could happen. It could be happening now.

Ian Wynne is emerging as a story-teller of world ranking. This is his best work yet.

More please, Mr Wynne.

Review by: Sue Hamm on Jun. 17, 2011 :

I could not put this book down - excellent, exciting plot. The pace is fast and realistic.

This is the first e-book I have read on my iPhone and I loved the whole experience.

Reviewed by Cally Jackson, blogger and author - August 2011.

The plot takes many unexpected turns and could — in less adept hands — seem implausible. But the story is told in a way that had me completely believing each twist and turn, and had me outraged at the atrocities committed by people within Australia’s government and police force. At one point in the story, I literally gasped with shock (if you’ve read it, I’ll bet you know which scene I’m referring to). For fear of spoilers, I’ll say only this — if you have a weak stomach, this book is not for you.

The main character Andrew is well drawn and relatable. He endures a lot during this book and I found his reactions to be believable and realistic. He’s likeable and brave but also flawed — a real person, not a fictional hero.

Karen, Andrew’s love interest, is also believable. She’s a strong, independent woman and it’s refreshing to read a book where both characters in a relationship are equal.

The Pawn


A book for its time . . . Mr Wynne should pen some more. -- The Courier-Mail, Brisbane

Wynne tackles his tale with gusto, humour and a well-paced flow of action. -- Hobart Mercury

Wynne makes good use of familiar background in his entertaining first novel. -- Canberra Times

A racy, competent adventure -- Daily Dispatch, East London

A gripping thriller. -- Sunday Mail, Brisbane

Wellness at Work


Lilian Wissink

Reviewed in Australia on 3 November 2021
Wellness at Work is a delightful, easy to read and succinct book addressing negative and toxic workplace culture.

Having worked as a Counselling Psychologist in tertiary education and private settings for many years, I would have welcomed such a helpful and useful resource to give to staff to help alleviate the stress and sometimes the long-lasting trauma of being harassed, intimidated and bullied. This book will also be highly beneficial for those in leadership to help create a healthy and productive workplace and stimulate self-awareness of their own leadership style.

I thoroughly enjoyed the humour and illustrations whilst knowing that the knowledge shared was insightful and based on well- grounded research leaving the reader with a greater understanding and a host of ways of managing these challenging times.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow! What an eye opener to workplace culture
Reviewed in Australia on 18 October 2021.

This little gem of a workbook has been a godsend. It has helped me to understand and identify how to prioritise my own well-being.

Stepping through the exercises allowed me see how to develop a positive mindset and take urgent action. Reading this book is the best thing that helped me identify actions for change, understand fear based behaviours and recognise pervasive personalities of colleagues.

Thanks for saving me from a life of self destruction. 

Shadow by my Side


Review by: Jane Stephens.

Wow! What a great read! Have just finished Shadow and loved it – gobbled it up for breakfast and couldn't put it down. Left me wanting to know more...

Fantastic book Ian, Congratulations! You should be on the bestseller lists, but don't let it go to your head! Great plot development and very powerful ending. Great character development too. Yes, it is very dark, but you don't get the full horror until the very end... Phew. It's got the lot. Now I want another!

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